84 lesson learned

84/365 | year of creative habits Yesterday I was reminded of a lesson I learned awhile ago. I find that funny because if I'd really learned it then I shouldn't have forgotten and needed to be reminded. I remember the moment I supposedly learned the lesson. I said aloud, "Lesson learned. I will always have art ready to show." I said that because an opportunity was available to me and I didn't have any of my new work framed or ready to hang. I missed out. You never know when the right person /moment /situation will arrive. The people who get the big break don't do so because they get lucky. They get a big break because they work hard and are prepared when the opportunity presents itself. They have something to show for their work and they stand up. Yesterday an opportunity presented itself to me. Luckily I was able to drop everything and spend the whole evening preparing. I was able to stand up and show my work this time. My work might not be selected. It might not be my big break but I can't win if I don't play.  So again self, lesson learned. I'll try to remember this time.