91 ideas

watercolor + doodles 91/365 | year of creative habits"Where do you get your ideas?" If you've read Austin Kleon's Steal like an Artist you know that an honest answer is "I steal them." Unfortunately, I find its not quite that easy. My first problem is keeping track of the ideas. So of course...

1. keep a notebook. I've kept planners, sketchbooks, log books, idea books, etc. I'm still searching for THE system that works for me. This year I'm keeping a bullet journal. So far, I'm liking that it mixes a planner, note taking, ideas, etc all into one book. I take one notebook everywhere and use it for everything. I like that. I try to make sure that I'm writing in it several times during the day.

Other things that are helping me right now is to...

2. keep reference books nearby. I go to the library at least once a week for drawing reference books. Some of us draw from memory but a lot of us don't. I don't. I need to draw from life or a reference photo. I like field guide books, photography books, kids books, I pick up whatever looks interesting. There's a pile of books near my work table at all times.

3. PLAY. You don't always have to have an idea or plan. Doodle. Play with paint. See what happens. Let the results give you the idea.

Where you do you get your ideas and how do you keep track of them?