97 perspective

97/100 | year of creative habitsDo you remember making these spiderman web-looking things when you were a kid? This morning I was starting to a get space vibe from my doodle and was wanting some kind of Tron-looking grid to add to it when I remembered making these. I got out the ruler and soon remembered how cool and fun they are. Recently my son's friend learned to draw 3-D boxes. So of course for him that's the coolest thing ever. It's amazing how just a few basic perspective tricks can totally change your drawings. It also reinforces for me that most drawings (or most anything really) aren't as difficult as they appear to be. It comes down to learning a few basic strategies and then lots of practice. I had a hunch going into this year of creative habits that maybe one doesn't need to be all that creative or talented to be an artist...maybe one just needs to learn a few basic strategies and then practice, practice, practice.