98 melons

watermelon 98/365 | year of creative habits Today's drawing was for amelonaday.com-- a movement dedicated to generating cause awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury by way of melons, people and art. I was asked me to contribute through Instagram. That's one of the many things I love about Instagram is the connection and collaboration there. You can see a few of the others @digsapparel's profile.

Side note: I grew up eating lots of watermelon every summer, in fact it's the only melon I eat. My grandpa had a rows of watermelon in his garden and every year for Father's Day we'd eat watermelon on his back patio. My grandpa gave me lots of helpful advice including this tip: "Never swallow a watermelon seed or watermelons will grow out your ears." [photo of three-year-old me in Grandpa's garden here.]