life through my lens 28

Summer is flying by too fast! Dang you Target for putting out school supplies right after the Fourth of July. :(

This week was pretty slow. We needed the down time though. We've got a couple busy weeks coming up and then it'll be back to school.


We made a skateboard swing. This was one of those "easy" DIY projects that took way longer and was way more work than expected. But it's done and the kids are liking it.


I've been reading mostly graphic novels and graphic non-fiction lately, really enjoyed Knives & Ink. The dogs got their shots (so they can go to doggie daycare while we are on vacation.)


This girl got a haircut at the salon. It was a big deal. :)


There's been lots of Burger Mania, Minecraft, and scooter rides around the block.


And lots of found feathers.


We have just one more week of swim lessons. This kid knows all the strokes and is learning dives and flip turns. What a turn around in just a couple of summers!