164 the creative process

views | year of creative habitsThe idea of a creative process or my creative process was (maybe still is) pretty abstract for me. But over the course of this year of creative habits I've noticed a few things. Some I suspected and were confirmed to me. Others I never realized.

  • Creativity ebbs and flows. I knew this but it's really interesting to look back over the last six months and be able to see that in my photos and in my words here.
  • Every once in awhile an idea will come along and I'll immediately act on it but for the most part, ideas need to simmer or maybe marinade. Some ideas sit in the back of my head for awhile. Other ideas hide in my notebook and I rediscover them at just the right time. My lesson here has been to have lots of possible ideas and that everything takes at least twice as long as expected.
  • While it's good to let ideas simmer, I can't let that keep me from taking action. At some point, I have to go for it even though I don't have it all figured out.
  • Writing helps everything. I'm not a writer. I don't like writing but yet it's a huge part of the creative process. It gets the thoughts out of my head. It forces me to make some sense of them. I end up writing things that I didn't even know I thought or knew.
  • Deadlines get things done. The creativity process is continuous. If I don't have a deadline, then I won't finish.

Action time--Keep a notebook or a blog. Write every single day. (I know, I'm not a writer either but do it.) Put all the stuff in your head into words. Have a place for ideas, a to do list, a calendar with deadlines, and place to free write. Take time every month to look back through it and reflect. Do it all. The to do list won't happen without the deadlines. The ideas won't come without the free writing. It's the mix of it all that makes it happen.