A Year of Creative Habits


In 2014 I began a project I called a year of creative habits. I wanted to get back to being creative again. Each day I made a drawing and I shared a photo of it, usually with my breakfast.

crystal moody | a year of creative habits
crystal moody | a year of creative habits
crystal moody | a year of creative habits

In 2015, I painted each day and added a weekly project that I called Fursday. Every Thursday,  I painted a dog from a local rescue. I shared the dog's story, photos, and my painting in the hope that they would find a loving family. 

crystal moody | Meerkat
crystal moody | Gracie
crystal moody | Penelope

In 2016, I mixed it up. Daily I did drawing, painting, or collage and weekly I made a portrait of someone who had passed away. I called this series Monday Mournings. 

crystal moody | Noah Davis
crystal moody | David Bowie
crystal moody | Pat Summitt
crystal moody | Florence Henderson
crystal moody | John Glenn
crystal moody | Sonia Rykiel

Along the way people started to join me in their own year of creative habits project. I began to connect with creatives all over world, each of us doing different creative work. Now we have our own Facebook group and book club.

crystal moody | year of creative habits book


Now I'm working on a book! It includes all three years of the project, what I've learned about creative habits, and how to do your own year of creative habits. Available soon!