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In 2017, I'll be beginning a new year of creative habits.

I've been doing a year of creative habits for three years now but each year I begin again. I start something new and it always feels like square one. This year I'd love for you to join me. Let's begin together on January 1st.

In December of this year, we'll make a commitment to be creative every day in 2017. We'll make a plan and set ourselves up for success. In January, we'll start. We'll create a trigger and a starting ritual. We'll have a back up plan and emergency kit for when life gets in the way of our creative habits. We'll support each other through the ups and downs and celebrate the small wins along the way. 

The great start in January and the community that we build together will help propel us through the rest of the year. 

A year of creative habits is a commitment to being creative every single day in 2017. It's also a course. I'll email 4 lessons in December sharing how to make a plan and set up for success. I'll send you a short lesson or encouraging email every day in January. The strong start in January and the community that will build together will help guide you through the year.

Here's a quick recap. What is a year of creative habits?

It's a commitment to be creative every single day in 2017.

It's a course. It includes 35 lessons: 4 in December of 2016 and 31 in January 2017.

It's a community. We share, we encourage, we cheer, we help, we question, we fail, we succeed. Together.


a year of creative habits course | crystal moody



Is this course right for me?


  • I can commit to 15 minutes, sometimes more per day.
  • I like to be a part of community of creatives working toward similar goals.
  • I like to have guidance and a plan for success.


  • I cannot commit to a minimum of 15 minutes per day.
  • I'm a lone wolf. I like to do my own thing and I don't need encouragement or support from others.
  • I don't like making or following a plan.

Questions about the course:

Does this course encourage a specific pursuit?

Yes and no. I’ll ask that you decide on something specific to start and that you stick with it for awhile. How long you choose is up to you but you are in charge. I encourage you to make changes based on how it's going and how you are feeling about it.

When you say decide on something specific, do we pre-decide in December?

Yes. In the December lessons, you’ll make a plan to start (set yourself for success) which will include exactly what your creative habit will be. It can always change but it’s difficult to have a good start without a plan.

Do you provide a framework to pursue a few different ones? 

Not exactly. I’ll ask you to reflect and evaluate on what’s working and not working. You’ll decide if/when to change based on that information. Most people will stick with the same thing throughout January and will change a little on their own during the year.

Do you share your systems of how you actually make a piece of art every day, every day, every day?

I give you everything I’ve learned. I’ve been doing that on my blog (for free) for three years. The advantage to the course is that the info is organized and personal rather than just the organic way in which I learned it.

What format will the community be in on social media?

Lessons will be sent to you via email. We’ll have our own hashtag on Instagram so that we can share and connect publicly. And I’m always available via email at

I have a hard time with finishing my projects in a timely manner. Is the course for me?

I have that same problem! The course is about taking time each day, building the habit, and maintaining it. It will include lessons on what I've learned about finishing.

What will the lessons will be like? Will there be daily/weekly thematic prompts (this week is about....plants, or pets, or presidents)? 

The lessons will be open to any media and will not follow a theme. They are process based lessons. Here’s some examples:

  • planning your creative habit
  • finding a trigger
  • developing a starting ritual
  • dealing with frustration and failure
  • reflection and assessment
  • overcoming fear
  • setting goals
  • deadlines
  • creating through trauma and around emergencies
  • navigating the ebb and flow of the creative process
  • finding inspiration

Will the lessons be videos?

No. I'm a writer. If you've been reading my blog and/or my newsletter for awhile, you have a good idea of my voice/approach. I'd describe it as open, honest, and direct. I'll be writing to you each time.

a year of creative habits course | crystal moody